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How to prepare for Thai massage?


Anyone who decides to go a Thai massage for the first time probably wonders how to prepare for it.
For this reason, we suggest what to keep in mind before the massage.

Therefore, with proper preparation, the benefits of Thai massage will be even greater.
It is advisable that the last meal before the planned massage should be easily digestible.
Remember to hydrate properly. It is good to limit coffee consumption on this day and give up alcohol.
Mineral water, herbal teas and natural juices are recommended.
Before the massage, it is worth doing some stretching exercises.
People with long hair must remember to pin it up so that the neck remains exposed during the massage.

The mood in which we are before the Thai massage is of great importance.
It affects the obtained results. Therefore, before the procedure, it is good to calm down and put aside all worries and problems.
Massage will help you to distance yourself from them, while reducing the level of stress you feel.