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Thai Aromatheraphy Massage

Do you know what an oil massage is?
This is an ideal treatment for people who appreciate a delicate touch and who like to awaken their senses.
Oil massage is performed with the use of aromatic oils that are thoroughly massaged into the skin.
They help relieve nervous tension, relax and calm down. The skin becomes firmer and looks healthy.
During the massage, only natural cosmetics are used, so they can take advantage of it
people with sensitive skin.
Very gentle movements are used here that warm up the skin and muscles
bringing you into a state of deep relaxation.

A great alternative to the intensive version of the classic Thai massage is the oil massage.
It is an excellent option for people who are overloaded due to sedentary work, struggling with back and neck pain.
Gently performed movements allow you to experience deep relaxation, while aromatic oils
leave the skin deeply nourished and moisturized.

Aromatic oil massage puts you in a good mood, relieves tension and promotes relaxation.
This is an excellent proposition for people experiencing chronic stress. Performed in the evening, it facilitates falling asleep.
Oil massage improves mental condition, adding vitality at the same time. It brings relief to overworked and tired people.