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Thai Oil Massage 4 hands

Thai oil massage for 4 hands is a luxurious and intense form of massage that combines traditional Thai massage techniques with the use of aromatic oils and the simultaneous action of two masseurs. It is an extremely relaxing and therapeutic experience that helps you unwind, reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.


Techniques Used in Thai Oil Massage
1. Acupressure: Massage therapists apply pressure to specific points on the body to release tension and improve energy flow.
2. Stroking and Kneading: Gentle, smooth stroking and kneading movements that help relax muscles and improve circulation.
3. Stretching: Gentle stretching of muscles and joints that increases flexibility and helps release tension.
4. Aromatherapy: The use of aromatic oils that not only facilitate the massage, but also have a soothing effect on the senses, supporting relaxation and stress reduction.


Massage course
1. Starting the Massage: The massage begins by gently applying the oil to the skin. Masseurs work in complete harmony, synchronizing their movements.
2. Whole Body Work: Massage therapists work on different parts of the body at the same time. One masseur may massage the upper body while the other works on the legs and feet.
3. Massage Intensification: Massage therapists use various techniques to adjust the intensity of the massage to the client’s needs, from gentle stroking to deep kneading and stretching.
4. Ending: The massage ends with a gentle head, neck and face massage, which helps in complete relaxation.


1. Deep Relaxation: Thai oil massage for 4 hands is extremely relaxing thanks to the simultaneous action of two masseurs and the use of aromatic oils.
2. Reduction of Stress and Tension: Aromatic oils and massage techniques help release muscle tension and stress, leading to deep relaxation.
3. Improving Circulation and Skin Condition: Massage improves blood circulation, which supports tissue regeneration and improves the condition of the skin, which becomes more elastic and moisturized.
4. Increased Flexibility: Regular massage sessions can help to improve the flexibility of your muscles and joints, as well as your overall well-being.