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Sports massage

Sports massage is an offer created for both professional athletes and amateurs who love physical activity.
Thai sports massage will help you develop the power of your body.
Thai sports massage effectively warms up the joint and muscle system, contributing to the stimulation of blood and lymph circulation in the body.
The great advantage of the massage is its universality – it can be used before training, and then it will properly prepare you for it and
supply you with energy, as well as after exercise – it will allow you to regenerate and regain your strength.
The history of the procedure is associated with Thailand, where it was used as part of the training of Muay Thai players, or Thai boxing.
Previously, it was widely used among warriors and soldiers.
During Thai sports massage, the masseur uses more energy and strength than during traditional oil massage.
Sports massage perfectly relaxes muscles and tendons.
Appropriate massage technique allows you to eliminate contractures and pain that are the result of intense exercise.
You will effectively get rid of soreness and eliminate fatigue.
Regularly attending a massage will help you achieve better results and increase the strength and endurance of your body, while reducing the risk of injury.
However, if it happens to you, with the help of Thai sports massage you will speed up regenerative processes.