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Reflexology -Thai head massage

Do you dream of forgetting about reality for a moment and moving to the world of dreams?
Such a bit of happiness can be provided by a Thai head massage with reflexotheraphy.
The art of this massage is based on pressing selected parts of the body, which stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the body,
and also restores the energy balance of the whole body, harmonizing it.
The art of reflexology has its roots in the Chinese thought of meridians, i.e. energy channels located throughout the body.
Thai head massage massages the zones that are responsible for internal organs, which relaxes the body and provides relief.
Thanks to it, you will provide yourself with the right dose of endorphins.
A gentle Thai head massage stimulates the brain and stimulates appropriate self-regulation and self-healing processes.
For this reason, the functioning of the immune, nervous and endocrine systems is improved.
This is a highly recommended treatment for the treatment of many diseases.
The treatment will put you in a state of calm and relaxation that your mind needs.