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Reflexology – Thai foot massage

Reflexotherapy Thai foot massage is a relief for many ailments. The massage is mainly performed with the hands.
During the massage, we focus mainly on the area of the lower legs and feet. Reflexology uses the ancient art of healing by stimulating several
thousand nerve endings that are located on the feet.
Thanks to the appropriate pressure during the massage, energy pathways are unblocked,
improving the energy supply to the organs.
Reflexology makes the energy flowing through our body harmonize, bringing relief not only to the feet, but also to the whole body.
The massage is recommended especially for people who suffer from insomnia, migraine headaches and digestive system ailments.
Reflexotherapy helps to improve liver function, but most of all it reduces fatigue and gives respite to a tired body.
Reflexotherapy treatments performed in Katathani Spa salons are therapeutic foot massages. We use the achievements of Traditional Chinese Medicine