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Kobido Facial Massage

Kobido massage, also known as “lifting facial massage”, is a traditional Japanese massage technique that combines a variety of methods and movements to deeply relax, regenerate and rejuvenate facial skin. Kobido literally means “ancient path to beauty”, which perfectly reflects the essence of this massage. This is one of the most advanced and comprehensive facial massages, which, thanks to its unique techniques, helps achieve a natural lifting effect without the use of invasive methods.


Techniques Used in Kobido Massage
1. Stroking: Gentle, smooth movements that help relax muscles and improve blood circulation.
2. Kneading: More intense movements that work deep into the muscles to help relax and detoxify them.
3. Percussive (Tapotement): Fast, rhythmic movements that stimulate muscles and skin, improving flexibility and tone.
4. Lifting and Modeling Movements: Special techniques aimed at lifting the face contour and smoothing wrinkles.
5. Acupressure: Pressure on specific energy points of the face, which helps release tension and improve energy flow.


Kobido Massage course
1. Skin preparation: The treatment begins with thorough cleansing of the facial skin to remove all impurities and prepare it for the massage.
2. Relaxation and Warm-up: Initially, gentle stroking movements are used to help warm up the muscles and skin.
3. Deep Kneading and Lifting Techniques: The masseur performs a series of intense kneading and lifting movements that work on the deeper layers of muscles and skin.
4. Acupressure Stimulation: Pressing on the facial acupressure points helps release accumulated tension and improves energy flow.
5. Percussive Techniques: Fast, rhythmic movements that stimulate muscles and skin, improving their elasticity.

Benefits of Kobido Massage
1. Natural Face Lift: Regular massage sessions help to lift the contours of the face and reduce visible wrinkles.
2. Improved Blood Circulation: Massage techniques stimulate blood circulation, which contributes to better oxygenation and nourishment of the skin.
3. Skin Detoxification: Massage helps in removing toxins from the body, resulting in healthier and more radiant skin.
4. Reduction of Tension and Stress: Acupressure and relaxing massage techniques help in reducing muscle tension and stress.
5. Improving Skin Elasticity: Massage stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improves skin elasticity and firmness.
6. Skin Illumination: Massage helps improve skin tone, giving it a healthy and radiant appearance.


Kobido massage is an ideal solution for people looking for natural methods of rejuvenation and improving the condition of facial skin. Regular massage sessions can provide long-lasting benefits, helping your skin look young and healthy. Kobido massage is not only an effective way to improve your beauty, but also a deeply relaxing and soothing experience.