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Head, Back and Shoulder Thai Massage

Head, shoulder and back massage Thai Massage is a traditional treatment that combines acupressure, Ayurveda and passive yoga.
During the massage, we use a special herbal ointment that effectively supports the natural healing process. Thai massage will help remove both chronic pain and post-traumatic pain from various parts of the spine. It is also an ideal massage to help get rid of migraines.
Head, back and shoulders Thai Massage is performed on a moderately hard mattress, and the person being massaged is dressed in
loose clothing that does not restrict movement – available in the Katathani Spa salon. The masseur uses the strength of his body and, using his hands, fingers, elbows, forearms and feet, applies appropriate compression and stretching techniques that relax the body and support natural healing.
We recommend such a treatment especially to people who lead a less active or stressful lifestyle, usually stay in one position due to work (e.g. office workers, drivers), and to all those who struggle with persistent back and headaches.The most important benefits you will get after the procedure are the removal of tension from the shoulder and neck area, the adjustment of the vertebrae, the relief of pain from the head, shoulders and back, and the improvement of the quality of sleep and well-being.