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Candle Massage

Candle massage uses aromatherapy, which soothes the body and senses.
The deep aroma of essential oils, which floats in the air thanks to the warming flames of candles, relaxes and soothes.
Natural, nourishing wax and the healing touch of the masseur will relax the muscles and restore harmony in the body.
It is a safe procedure for virtually everyone who wants to use it.
Candles used in Thai massage are made of natural oils and beeswax.
When they dissolve, they cover the body with pleasant warmth, allowing for easy skin massage.
When absorbed, they deeply nourish the skin, saturate it with valuable vitamins and enrich it with valuable moisturizing ingredients and beneficial fatty acids.
Candle massage is an ideal treatment for people who want to take care of the condition of their skin, recommended especially in the autumn and winter, when we are exposed to dryness.
our skin. Candle massage is also good for stressed people, suffering from insomnia and fatigue. It will help you regain your vitality.