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Herbal Compress Massage

Herbal stamp massage has its roots in Thailand and Indonesia.
During the massage, the body is covered with peanut oil, while the massage itself is performed with heated pouches that contain a mixture of herbs, spices, flowers and nuts.
During the massage, we can count on a wonderful aroma that will additionally relax us.
The herbs and oils used deeply nourish the skin, improve its blood circulation, tighten it and have a positive effect on metabolism.
The properly heated skin absorbs plant substances contained in the stamps during the massage.
After the treatment, you can count on moisturized skin, which will immediately regain its firmness, glow and healthy color!
Massage with herbal stamps is a perfect ceremony for body and soul. It is recommended especially for people who are in states of mental and psychophysical fatigue.
The massage will restore harmony in the body, reduce muscle tension, stimulate blood and lymph circulation and strengthen the immune system.
After the treatment, you will leave regenerated and strengthened, your mobility will also improve. Deep relaxation promotes positive changes in the body.